The hardest ... the strongest ... the most beautiful seamless-engineered-quartz surfaces on earth.

Floors, Walls, Ceilings ... no joins ... no maintenance ... just sublime, flowing surfaces.

Vero Surfaces® - adjust your thinking...

The future of flooring and surfaces - beginning late 2015

Product Introduction

The Existing Market Offerings - all have substantial functional and aesthetic limitations

In the hard flooring market there exists a key problem - at any price point there is no functionally perfect, let alone also aesthetically pleasing, hard flooring product.

Vero Surfaces® explicitly set out to solve most of the key existing hard-flooring products functional shortcomings whilst simultaneously allowing the client to create some of the most stunning and infinitely customisable surfaces imaginable. Vero Surfaces has seen the market opportunity and created a boldly innovative solution ...

Vero Surfaces'® Solution to Problems in the Existing Market

The essentially complete solution to these hard flooring problems from Vero Surfaces® was no accident. The internationally patented Vero Surfaces® product and process were specifically designed, backward-mapped actually, to solve these existing product inadequacies as reported by commercial and residential consumers to the Vero Directors over more than a decade in the flooring and construction industries.

So what is a Vero surface? In its most essential form, the Vero Surfaces® product is engineered-quartz, writ large. Manufactured from raw materials onsite and cast in-situ directly to the construction substrate by a novel machine and internationally patented (Vero Industries℗) composition and process as a monolithic slab, seamless except for mandatory whole slab construction joins. Imagine ... high-end engineered countertops, but endlessly, acres even, cast-and-bonded directly to the substrate, finished to an unprecedented flatness with anything from high-grip to mirror shine, in whatever colours or combinations the customer desires, with thousands of possible inclusions and effects, from a serenely minimalist canvas of brilliant white to writhing rivers of burlesque bling. It is effectively non-porous ( <0.07 %), some matrix options make it harder than any existing flooring (up to an incredible MOHS 9.2), with feasibly the highest installed impact resistance of any hard flooring. It does not require sealing nor any treatment, ever. It is inert and virtually indestructible. In the unlikely event of surface damage, or desired changes, the Vero surface can be invisibly repaired, infilled, refreshed or even topped.

Being semi-automated in production on-site, the Vero Surfaces® offering will undoubtedly also be the fastest laid hard flooring in the world in larger scale projects (capacities from 300 to 3,000 m2 per day, per machine, depending on the machine chosen). From a bathroom shower base to an entire international airport - floor, walls and bathrooms included - traditional hard-flooring joins will for the first time become an exclusively aesthetic choice only, a 'heritage-look' decision if you will, not a necessity imposed by the technical limitations of hard flooring technologies. Given the option, most hard surface clients and Specifiers will choose to minimise or eliminate joins.

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." Pablo Picasso

The Vero Surfaces® product, process and service is the very essence of a commercially driven disruptive innovation - a substantial leap forward in technology on multiple fronts, functionally, aesthetically, and in technology of delivery, designed from the outset simply to meet and exceed customer desires. Functionally superior in almost every metric to the existing product offerings, aesthetically variable from the mundane to the subtle to the stunningly sublime, with a totally customisable range of looks, colours, finishes, profiles and surface applications (floors, walls, ceiling, coving, stairs, internal, external, even integral benches and wet area furnishings), the Vero Surfaces® product offers what the hard surface consumers and Specifiers have been desiring for years - a seamless, ultra-low maintenance, virtually indestructible, invisibly repairable, customisable, beautiful canvas for life or business with virtually no limitations in supply nor application. What they want, when they want it, how and where they want it.

Applications of Vero Surfaces'® Technology

Flooring is just the tip of the iceberg for Vero Surfaces'® technology. The initial manifestations of our patented product and process to be released will include:

1 Vero Surfaces'® Seamless Flooring

The core initial application, as outlined in greater detail above. The seamless, broad-acre in-situ casting onto concrete or timber substrates. Large and small area casting for commercial and domestic applications. All surfaces encrypted RFID imbedded for authentication, quality control, repair duplication, and data retention purposes. Also includes the visual imitation of existing flooring categories (terrazzo, polished concrete, granite), but with superior performance characteristics. Option to under-light in small areas or full ambient glow flooring (6 months to release).

2 Vero Modular

High performance, off-site, pre-fabricated flooring cast onto concrete or timber substrates for rapid modular construction, with integral acoustic layer, for multi-level commercial and domestic projects. Also includes pre-fabricated surfacing of concrete and composite-timber wall panels. Internal and external options.

3 Vero Hygiene

Targeting commercial kitchens, operating theatres, hospitals, dental surgeries, and some factories. Integral, full depth permeated non-toxic anti-microbial treatment in all surfaces. Integral coving up walls etc. Safety features can be imbedded into the surfaces also. Superior to any current medical floor. Can include retro-fitted medical grade bathrooms, floor to ceiling, using a hybrid of Vero Seamless and Vero Modular techniques. Applicable in many commercial and domestic applications.

4 Vero Artisan

Spectacular, gem-like floors of large quartz, amethyst, jade, onyx, or even organic matter and metals. Natural stone imitation. Surfaces as stunning works of art. Can also able to be underlit. Internal and external.

Convergence of Technologies & Client Demand

This is the essence of Vero Surfaces® achievement. Multi-disciplinary science and commercial-realities-driven innovation have created globally patented compositions, processes and technologies to meet explicit market demand. To an extent clients, architects and specifiers will need to adjust traditional, compartmentalised ideas of floors, walls, benches, stairs, pool, .... No more "not available in that colour or finish". A maintenance free, nearly indestructible surface that looks the way they visualised it. One fluid canvas for life or work.

The future of construction hard-surfacing has arrived. Vero Surfaces® - adjust your thinking.

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